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Make it work with ReSharper


I have (Jetbrains) ReSharper but this addon which is awesome does not work with ReSharper. Can you make it work? You can download a trial version of resharper on the website. I still use version 7 (only have a license for that version).

The problem is not starting. If I suspend resharper and restart Visual Studio than local history works again. I can then resume resharper and it works. But close VS again and then restart (so resharper didn't stop) then it doesn't save.

Alternatively (and this would be really crazy) you can ask JetBrains to include your extension in their product and give you free licenses forever? :P

In any case, thanks!!

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adcurzon wrote Sep 11, 2013 at 5:14 AM

Thank you for taking the time to create a work item for this issue.

I tried Local History 0.6 and 0.7 with Resharper 7.1.3000.2259 and 8.0 and I couldn't reproduce the issue. I started Visual Studio multiple times with both Local History and Resharper enabled but saving still creates new revisions.

Can you describe the issue in more detail?
  1. Is saving the only issue?
  2. Are you able to launch the Local History window? Does it show the file versions?
Can you provide more information about your setup?
  1. What versions of Visual Studio, Local History, Resharper are you using?
  2. Have you changed any Resharper settings that might be relevant? Some onSave event type setting?
  3. What type of project do you have open?

nnxion wrote Sep 16, 2013 at 10:26 AM


nnxion wrote Sep 16, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Okay so I tested this by starting a new C# project. I open a new project, make some changes and the Local History window shows but does not show file versions (nor does it save, not even a .localhistory folder). Closing the project and re-opening will create a .localhistory folder. Opening by clicking the solution file (.sln) makes the Local History window not show file versions. When closing the project and then reopening by keeping VS open, does.

On my production project it saves but only shows the Local History window when I disable/suspend ReSharper.

I'm using VS 2013 update 3, using Local History 0.7 and ReSharper version 7.1.3000.2259.
I haven't changed any ReSharper settings. The project I use is a C# project.

One other minor thing I have noticed is that Local History saves even when there is are no changes (just pressing control + s). Pressing this quickly about 10 times will save about 5 new files in the .localhistory folder.

nnxion wrote Sep 16, 2013 at 10:49 AM

So I guess that's the solution (for now). When using ReSharper I need to open Visual Studio first, then open the project from there (I usually open it by clicking which solution I want). And when opening a new project I just close the project after creation and then re-opening from within VS.